Looking back – 85 Days ago

I started blogging about the importance of voting when the number of days left for the election was 100 days. That was 85 days ago. Since then more than 220,000 people are dead because of the COVID 19 pandemic. About 8 million people have been diagnosed with the virus. We have seen POTUS taken to Walter Reed Hospital by helicopter. We have witnessed his rapid recovery and how he continues to defy the science and literally continue to put himself, his family, and his followers at risk. He was so blessed to survive the virus. I truly do not understand how he cannot rally his followers and ask them to follow the guidelines and protect others and themselves. This is not about how I feel politically. It is about my love for our country and humanity. It is about my grandchildren and their future. It is about my family members that are the more vulnerable. I am appalled at the disrespect for the dead. People who were role models, first responders, front line and essential workers. They died alone in many cases. They lived hoping and praying for a miracle but the virus was too cruel.

Fifteen days are left for the elections. My fervent hope is that we all unite, vote and that scientists can find the best path to bring us peace of mind and some kind of normalcy. As I write this I will have to deal with the illness of a family member who I adore with all my heart and soul. Not COVID, BUT VERY SERIOUS. So you may not see many posts in the coming days. But within the 15 days I want to honor as many COVID victims as I can. If you know of anyone who is a victim or survivor of COVID please post a picture or comment about the person here in the comments section. We need to show the faces of the afflicted. Make them real. Please help me honor them with the dignity they deserve. In the meantime, stay safe, wear a mask and go out and vote. God bless you all. God bless America.