An ode to Victory

Some people think that victory

is fickle

and is gained sometimes with a double edged sword.

Victory will come here

when We The People

join in mind and spirit

and fight against

bigotry, hatred, division itself,

and the ugly face of hipocrasy

that emerges when

truth wants to win and be the sole victor.

Our democracy demands equality, justice,

and the eloquence of powerful words,

the most beautiful descriptions of who we are as Americans.

Let no foreign, local or evil force

dominate us or decide our future for us.

We have joined to conquer evil before.

It is our solemn and ultimate right and privilige

to go out and vote.

Stay on that line,

Stay on that line,

That is the line that will lead us to victory.

Because when we stay on the line

there cannot be any detours or distractions.

Stay on the line

because a divided people is where

we must draw the line.


Image by mdefrancesco from Pixabay