where does forgiveness hide?

The people needed to forgive

but who can forgive this insanity?

The teacher read this from

a history book in 2028.

The students try to remember the events

of 2020 but some were too young.

“It was an awful time”, one student called out.

I woke up from this futuristic dream.

the question on my mind was …

Where does forgiveness hide these days?

I want to forgive the injustices

that are happening.

I believe many people do too

and they want to forget the atrocities.

But every time we look

more absurdities arise.

More misinformation resonates

and almost deafens like

someone sounding a trumpet

right by my ear.

No freedom bell to announce

the greatness promised.

The chants for peace

drowned out by gunshots.

Tear gas blinds those who were the witnesses.

Questions remain unanswered,

Some answers simply ridiculous,

because they want to keep us confused.

Where does forgiveness hide these days?

It hides with the truth and the innocent bystanders.

It is all surreal,

perhaps a hoax,

no reality here

but I continue to yearn

that I awaken from the

collective nightmare.

Are you ready to forgive and forget?