Ninety-Five Days – There is Hope

Yesterday a great civil rights leader and congressman was laid to rest. John Lewis inspired Tybre Faw, who met the late congressman at a Selma march in 2018. He recited one of his favorite poems at Lewis’ memorial service. I watched him give a few interviews right after the service. He moved me so deeply with his gentle maturity. My mother would have called him an old soul. I was energized and inspired by this young man. He definitely has the making of a true leader. He is a leader. He gave me hope. He asked us to make “Good trouble”. So, on this day that marks ninety-five days until our elections, I am ready to take the challenge. This young man and all children and young people in this country right now need for us to make “Good trouble”. Watch the clip and notice his humility and deep emotion.

Hope Matters!