Too Many Storms On My Mind

Too many storms on my mind;

the ravage is immense.

I woke up this morning

with the memory

of that dreadful day,

when I first DOUBTED

the goodness of human beings.

I remember looking out towards

the area where the Twin Towers stood galantly

almost Quixotesque like,

A powerful image envied by architects,

only to see clouds of smoke streaming to the skies.

The morning had been crisp with the bluest sky.

For many it would have been a good sign

but tragedy was lurking.

and no one could have imagined.

the Towers imploding into nothingness

along with over 3000 souls.

We must never forget.

We must stand together and not let divisiveness allow us to ever forget.

My prayers always include all those who passed,

their families and the first responders.

Among those bravest was my niece.

She is a survivor thank God.

I pray for all those who are now sick

because of the toxins they inhaled during the great recovery.

God bless them all. And God Bless the United States of America.

GGod God bless them all. And God Bless The United States of America.


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