On the Day to Celebrate Motherhood

On the Day to Celebrate Motherhood

We celebrate mothers

because motherhood is

about sacrifice,

unconditional love,

A mother’s love happens to be the greatest love of all.


No matter who you are

or what your economic status

No matter what creed

or what color or ethnicity

Motherhood is universal.


Mothers are revered,

cherished, adored, treasured

and loved beyond life itself.


I hope that any mother who has lost a child

or whose child may be ill

to keep faith alive in their hearts.

I could think of two specifically

who lost their children this very week to violence.


On the day to celebrate motherhood

I think about my own mother

who is long gone

and about her voice and how it sometimes

infiltrates my thoughts

and still brings me solace

and peace when I most need it.


I think about my son lives too far away for me to hug him.

I praise my daughter who is a great mom.


I thank God for all the mothers

who set the best example for me to follow.

and that I may emulate them with honor.


On the day to celebrate motherhood

we all need to recognize

that mothers are what we have in common.

And we all need to celebrate

their life force

and how powerful a mother can be.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



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