On Creativity

In tune with my most recent post I decided to reblog this post when I visited the exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens dedicated to one of my favorite artists Frida Kahlo.

Melba Christie at Poemattic

“The creative mind plays with the objects it loves”

                                                 – Carl Jung

Tools of the trade

I recently visited the exhibit of Frida Kahlo at the New York Botanical Gardens. I took this picture of the desk where she painted. I imagined her sitting there looking around at her beautiful garden. I have many of her biographies and books that illustrate her work. The complexity and depth of her soul is in her work. I have different storage places for my paints, pens, pencils and brushes. These are among some of the objects I love. I see them as extensions of my mind and  a creative source. All I need to do is walk by a vase full of paint brushes (the older the better) and I cannot resist the urge to create something. Sometimes I fall in…

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