When Laughter is Heard

I laughed so much today that I thought I’d share this poem again. The reason for my joy and laughter today was a visit with my six month old granddaughter. Her smile, sweet giggles and hardy chuckles could make anyone feel happy.

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

When laughter is heard,

hang on to its sound.

it resonates well-being.

Hearts heal with laughter.

The old feel young again;

burdens and worries disappear

and the mind is rid of thoughts

and free of dreaded fear.

Therefore, as breath is life

and we need to breathe every second of the day

make laughter just as indispensable

and find something nonsensical

to make you chuckle with a strong har-de-har

and when laughter is heard

you know it will take you far.

Below is my interpretation of laughter:

what laughter looks like to me                                                                 Drawing by Melba Christie (c) 2014

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