His Song: The Wanderer

He was the wanderer

described in the song sung by Dion

The song with the 12-bar blues.


No doubt our Willie broke many hearts too

there was not one girl he would cling on to

for he lived life without a care,

He’d take any bet and any dare;

and used his two fists to get respect.

There wasn’t much you could expect

from this wanderer.


His big brown eyes wooed the girls every single time

for no reason nor was there no rhyme

they’d never knew what hit them

when he’d decide to leave them


A song with lyrics not perhaps

all politically correct today

a macho kind of song

chauvinistic at best people would say



Willie lived only the present

no worries,

no commitment,

never in one place for too long

he was a wanderer; never took a rest.


I hear his song now and then

and think about what would have been

for my crazy wanderer friend

he lost his life on the go one lonely night

when he hopped into his brand new 1962 Chevy Impala

Not necessarily to go to any gala

but to roam around the world

as he shouted, “that’s right”


He was a wanderer

Happy as a Clown

Content to roam around the town

And I wish

he were still around.



The Wanderer By Dion



  • Maybe you’re talking about Wilfredo? Never heard him called Willie but I can imagine him zooming around in this car. LOL!!!!!


    • No it isn’t Wilfredo. It was a friend of my brother’s and on the anniversary of his death I happened to hear the song and wrote this poem in his honor. Wilfredo drove a Triumph when he was younger but he really was not a wild one like my brother’s friend. LOL!