The Christmas Eve Flower

I suppose I should have posted this piece a few days ago. But Christmas day is as a good a day as any really. But it is so appropriate because I had this great dream just last night, Christmas Eve.

I use the Poinsettia plant to decorate the house at Christmas. I love the traditional red hue poinsettia but of course they are all beautiful. “Indigenous to Mexico and South America the flower traveled to Egypt and is even cultivated there since 1860.”

I am always intrigued by how flowers grow in certain regions. I know the climate and landscape has a lot to do with it of course but I think there is more to it. The story behind the traditional Poinsettia stems from the wish of a little girl to be able to give gifts on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. The story says that a girl named Pepita, inspired by the visit of an angel, gathered weeds and placed on a church altar. Miraculously the Poinsettia blossomed. “The flower, shaped like a star became to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem.


So back to my dream last night; I always dream in Technicolor. I tell everyone this. In my dream, I found myself in a field surrounded by the little red stars we call Poinsettia. My mother would say that if you want a plant to grow well and have a long life you should talk to it. In my dream I spoke to them and one asked me to make my Christmas wishes. I asked for (yes, this might sound corny) Peace. I asked for a cure for Cancer especially but also for a few other diseases like Diabetes. These ills run rampant in my family. Then, I saw Poinsettias shine brighter and I felt hopeful.


Poinsettia can last a long time if cared for appropriately. My friend Rafaela cared for her Poinsettia and she had them all year round. She was a miracle worker anyway. She always found time to make people feel happy.  I have not heard from her in a long time. We lost touch many years ago after she suffered a family tragedy and moved away without leaving any address or phone number. I hope she is well. She inspired my post today. She too loved Poinsettia and would fill the office with them. It changed the ambiance for sure.


So the next time you see or purchase a Poinsettia plant think about the possibilities. Merry Christmas!!!