I Never Bother with New Year Resolutions

I never bother with New Year resolutions

Do they ever result in an evolution

of the mind?


That would be divine.

If I could I would start a revolution

of some kind.

Maybe I would become an inspiration

to those who lack conversation.


Of course I am from a generation

that never expected any compensation

for saying what was on our mind.


We marched for justice

if it were needed

and be willing to be imprisoned

for any heavenly cause or

just to remind

the people

that our nation’s constitution

provides us with many rights 


worthy of a hearty fight

for the people and by the people.


So if you want to make a resolution

for this New Year 2014

climb up on the highest steeple

to scream

so everyone hears

you loud and clear.


We are here

for a very short time

So let us be kind

to each other

and treat your neighbor

like your brother

(or sister) for that matter.

Angel of Peace

Let no other resolution think

it’s more important

than for us

to live in peace.


Please let me know what you think? Happy New Year!!!!