Shopping Center Christmas Tree

Shopping Center Christmas Tree

The adorned tree stands tall
in the center of the mall
admirers pass by and sigh
at its elegance.

Little tots need to stretch
to see the star up high
as they wait in line
to tell Santa what’s
on their mind
and to assure him
they have be
behaving fine.

Christmas carols sung by a choir
in close proximity
Lovers stroll and sing along
to their favorite holiday ditty.

The Spirit of Christmas
is present in every
nook and cranny
greeting signs on every door
are so inviting
Shiny tinsels dance to rhythm
of bright lights twinkling on and off

The Christmas tree
is a witness to the joy
the season brings
It stands tall
in the center of the mall
and sways as the choir sings
“Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree
Of all the trees most Lovely”

By Melba Christie (c) 2013