By definition

marathon was

“A village and plain of ancient Greece

northeast of Athens.

It was the site

of a major Athenian victory

over the Persians in 490 b.c.”


It is also means the test

of endurance

and great strength.

The latter meaning

can be applied 

to the tragedy

in Boston.


The crowd was deep on

the city’s streets

with Blue skies above

Everyone filled with great expectations

as the  runners sprinted  hard

to reach their final destination.


Not one of them would have dreamed

that as fate would have it

chaos, confusion and commotion

would disrupt the harmony

and extend such agony

and grieve

to a great New England town.


One child’s heart beat faster

in anticipation of watching

his dad cross the finish line.

Now he’s in heaven

meeting the Divine.


So many more,

some of  whom had never been

to Boston before

met a fate not commissioned.


A marathon it will be for all of us


most certainly

the longest run on faith

for years to come.



We must stand united

to build our stamina,

for the Marathon ahead

and help to heal our

broken hearts

and finish gloriously

putting mind over matter,

body and soul.

Let us go

the distance for peace.

Let us go the distance for non-violence.

Let us go the distance with faith.


God Bless all the victims of the Boston Marathon.