Death Be Not Proud Today

Death be not proud today

nor any day,

when you come

disguised so unnaturally

to take from us our baby angels

who should have had more time

to see the beauties of life


Be not proud at all

when you come on the shoulders

of Evil and believe

you conquered

because the innocent had to fall


they had no choice or warning

that bright blue skied morning

as do the leaves of autumn

when they by nature drop


Death you conquered nothing

our hearts broken perhaps

for now

but all of us know somehow

we will watch you succumb


And in the spring

when the first buds appear

we will also hear

a chorus of angels singing


and when we look up

at the night sky

we will not need to ask ourselves why


No more darkness will disrupt

because the heavens will light up

as twenty new stars will align

to let us know

they are with their creator

and doing fine.




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