I’ll Just Put It Off Until the Next Life

There is only one life to live
Sometimes, the one you get
is too short or so it seems.

People say all the time
They do not have time for it all
Or they ask
Where has time gone?

If this is happening to you
Just put it off until the next life
I am not sure we are guaranteed
A second existence
But just in case
It won’t hurt to plan for one

It will be better
You will have time to plan ahead
Kind of a bucket list in the reverse

Or it could just be
these are the things I did not have time to do list
In reality I never made time to be me
I became a whole lot of other people
So, now that I know
I will not be able to do it all just in this one life
These are the things I will put off
until the next, like:

dancing in the rain
auditioning for the opera
having a pillow fight
learning to play the harp
boxing in a real ring
painting a masterpiece
winning the National Spelling Bee
finding the ultimate cure for heartbreak
designing the perfect kitchen
and making sure
I do what counts the most first.