Melba’s Kind of Self -Portrait Writing can be the most fulfilling activity. I know that it gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. The fulfillment augments when someone tells me that my poems inspire them or have made them look at things from a different perspective. All of us want to be acknowledged and praised for our work even when we do not consider it … Continue reading Originality

Poets are Everywhere

                          Poetry is life and a poet can be found anywhere. It is so delightful when poets are appreciated and celebrated.  Poets interpret life for us on every level. In my earlier post I highlighted Michael Hoppe and his musical repertoire inspired by some of the best poets. I look for this inspiration everywhere I go.   Related articles   Poetry and Talent – … Continue reading Poets are Everywhere

WordPress Bloggers Quotable Quotes

I continue to read the great material the WordPress bloggers write every day. I feel like I have access to many muses with such diversity of discourse and thought. Thoughts about thoughts that can be mind boggling at times. To all those who follow my blog I am very grateful for your continued support. You inspire me to become more thoughtful about the words I … Continue reading WordPress Bloggers Quotable Quotes

What is Poetry to Me Poetry ignites me; It allows me to see things clearly; To touch things with my eyes, To be able to feel with my nose, To dance on my hands, while in the meantime time, I keep drumming, drumming, drumming away for life to be lived. Poetry to me is the opportunity to say what my heart was afraid to say out loud. It’s … Continue reading