Melba’s Kind of Self -Portrait Writing can be the most fulfilling activity. I know that it gives me great satisfaction and pleasure. The fulfillment augments when someone tells me that my poems inspire them or have made them look at things from a different perspective. All of us want to be acknowledged and praised for our work even when we do not consider it … Continue reading Originality

On Friends

                       On Friends Go forth into the busy world  and love it interest yourself in life, mingle kindly with its joy and sorrows,  try what you can to do for others rather than what you can make them do for you,  and you will know what it is to have friends                  -Ralph Waldo Emerson Related articles Emerson on … Continue reading On Friends

26 Acts of Kindness

Poemattic believes deeply in the concepts of Acts of Kindness or Passing it Forward. We are proposing that WordPress bloggers and their followers join us in the 26 Acts of kindness movement by writing poems about kindness, fostering kindness, illustrating kindness or demonstrating kindness simply by writing a 26 word poem and sending it to Poemattic to publicize. Poemattic will post all types of formats … Continue reading 26 Acts of Kindness