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Fall’s Last Call

Fall's Call

Mighty winds whisper out loud for everyone to hear

“it time for all of you to leave, my dears”

the earth prepares for the great gathering

and formed is a colorful mosaic

the crimson’s restlessly await their destination

Will it be bunched up in a brown paper bag?

Or will someone blow them back under their tree of origin?

Will it rain and the weight press down and make them stick to each other ?

Or will an early snow fall freeze them until the spring thaw?

One last ivy leaf was painted on a wall

to save Johnsy’s life one windy fall

Fall’s last call can be very sad

but the beauty of its bright colors

delight the site and make us glad.

Melba Christie



Each one unaware

of its purpose,

Their destiny so clear

to us who observe

them as they create

the many mosaics,

and masterpieces

of crimson, Indian red and sienna


They individually

drift away so free,

and eloquently

some even aloofly.


How lucky my eyes

that I get to see them fall

Another Autumn to recall.


Photos by Melba Chirstie (all Rights Reserved)


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