Questions about the writing on the walls

Writing on walls always warrant some questions. Why deface walls at all? Have you no canvas as tall? For whom exactly is your message intended? Ask me why I feel offended? Graffiti? Really? Did this place not inspire ease? Who do you think will be pleased? I for one am sad that nothing is left to the imagination. Were you looking for inspiration? This was … Continue reading Questions about the writing on the walls

Haiku 52

  The Coqui is a tiny cricket frog common to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Its call is unique and clear, My cousin’s nickname is Coqui and when she would go out at night we could hear the Coqui calling out her name. My beloved grandmother would respond in Spanish with this short rhyme when the cricket frog called out my cousin’s name. It means: No, Coqui is … Continue reading Haiku 52

Back to the Blogging Board

Sandy left mass devastation and heart-break for many in the Northeastern United States, and the Caribbean. I pray for the victims and relatives of the people who lost their lives. I feel blessed to have merely lost power, some perishables from our freezer, Internet and phone service. I was unable to submit to this blog for a few days. I am grateful for my followers who … Continue reading Back to the Blogging Board

The poet’s work defined by other poet’s works

“A poet‘s work is to point at frauds” and to to take “a late walk” to observe the sunset. A poet’s work is “A thing of beauty” but can be “A song of despair” when “A dog has died.” A poet’s work can be “A hand mirror” so you can see the truth face to face. A Poet’s work is “Acceptance” that sometimes there is not … Continue reading The poet’s work defined by other poet’s works