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I wonder

“Ring out the thousand years of old. Ring in the thousand years of peace.” -Alfredo Lord Tennyson

I should have sketched their faces

when nothing else but a perfect conformity existed

I should have written down somewhere

the wisdom of their words

I should have listened more intently and mindfully

to their humorous quips

I wonder what else I may have missed

I never asked how they met

I wonder about their childhood dreams

Were they fulfilled or deferred?

I should have memorized

the contours of their faces

and the soft lines

that defined their hard work.

I wonder if they feared

leaving me behind to wonder.

I wonder.

I wonder.

A potpourri of poem titles

Here is a potpourri of the titles of my favorite poems. CHALLENGE: Post the first few lines in the comments. I look forward to seeing how many are familiar to all of you.

Nothing gold can stay

Still I rise

Life is fine

Winter to Spring

God’s World

Do not go gentle into that good night

because i could not stop for death

My heart leaps up


On Children

Mother to Son

I carry your heart with me


The second coming

If you forget me

Oh Captain, My Captain

I wandered lonely as a cloud

I’m nobody

There are so many others but the list would be endless. I thank my wonderful teachers that introduced to poetry. My father loved poetry and taught to read poetry aloud in order to make sense of the poems I could not really understand. I hope these titles inspire you to read aloud. Remember poetry is life and life is poetry.

By Melba Christie

A poet is a little god

I was thinking about a poet I love who definitely filled this description. Happy Poetry Month!

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

Someone once told me

a poet is a little god

inside your heart

who listens

when your heart sings

and knows more things

about you

than you know

about yourself.


A poet is a little god

who helps you to feel deeply

emotions you never felt before.


A poet is a little god

who brings you inspiration

and the perfect combination

of words and rhyme

to a love poem

for the person you adore.


A poet is a little god

who spreads so much love

and makes

what you thought

was impossible – happen

with a little help from the heavens above.





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When you know you are a poet – Maybe?

“To a Poet nothing can be useless.” – Samuel Johnson

You know you are a poet

when words wiggle their way into your heart;

You know you are a poet

when you celebrate yourself and sing yourself;

You know you are a poet

when you remember the many lives

you have walked through;

You know you are a poet

when simple things become complex and miraculous;

You know you are a poet

you hear the heart beats of another poet;

You know you are a poet

when time is timeless

and every season

is a poem in the making.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

When Poetry Lives in your heart

When poetry lives in your heart

there is so much love to impart

the imagination grows

like cherry blossoms in the spring

but your muse will never know

how divine His work of art

and how many souls began to sing.

One line will not fall apart

and forever will be remembered

Life is poetry; and poetry is life, my friend!

The rhymes, metaphors and meter

will stay with us until the end.

ode to beverly Cleary

Childhood memories abound

and then I look around

to picture my old neighborhood now so far away

I ask the visions of then to stay

Nostalgia remembers all the faces

and all the wonderful places

we would walk to without fear

because everyone knew your name

But Beverly now things have changed so much

we can no longer hand shake or even touch

Now many eyes are always filled with tears

and We the kids that loved your books

ask if anything will ever be the same

I once thought I would meet Ramona

because she was so real to me

The girl everyone said was a pest

but for me she was the best.

Beverly, you’ve given us all so much joy;

for me, your books were better than a toy.

I passed down Dear. Mr. Henshaw

to so many of the kids I knew

some of your stories still ring true.

So today I get to write about a writer

I have loved so dear

throughout so many years

And soon my grandchildren

will get to know you too.

Rest in Peace!

Let life find you

In tune with my thoughts today. Life is to be lived.

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

Let Life find you


Let life find you.

To work its miracles

As you learn to grow

A kind and fine heart

So that others feel joy in living.


Let life find you

Living the life

A life that is squeezable

Like a ripe orange

Fresh and juicy

providing pure energy.


Let life find you

looking at yourself

In the mirror

see the magnificence

of His image in you.


Let life find you

Ready to stand up and deliver

Willing if need be

To sacrifice for a cause

live with purpose


Let life find you

Dancing, laughing, and singing

In the rain

Drenched in happiness

and fulfillment



Let life find you

Breathing heavily;

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Caressing your skin.

Feel life happening to you.

Make every minute count

In multiples of ten and then some.

Look at the views


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stay safe, protect others and help save lives

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Living Poetry

This post was one from when I first started this blog which is now 9 years old. I hope my daughter does not mind that I am re-blogging this post. She is now the mother of two adorable and BEAUTIFUL little girls, I am so proud of her. Happy Anniversary to Poemattic. I also want to thank my followers.

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

I did not like the idea of my daughter getting a tattoo

But I do love trees and I thought of the poem Trees

and so I stole a line from the poem

I cannot remember what I did to make it look like a negative

But I think I made my point

(c) 2009

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These days have been hard for so many of us. Deadly storms, people still stricken with COVID-19 and now we have variants of SARS to deal with; indecisions about school openings, and vaccine shortages are among all of our problems as a nation. We are still under the threat of political strife after the insurrection of January 6th. 

I decided to block out many of these things. The visual contamination and pollution is all over the place on social media and cable news channels. Of course, we must keep ourselves duly informed but it is important to take a break from the excess noise and negativity. This is why I use visualization.

“Visualization is usually paired with meditation and mindfulness. What this process would look like is going to a quiet place, closing your eyes and calming your body, and starting to think about things that you want to experience in life. During this process, you want to get as detailed as you possibly can.”

I decided to go back to this practice which I started years ago. I reread my copy of Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and renewed my objective to become more creative and to manifest a clear vision for what I want for me and my loved ones.

I truly believe that if all of us use these techniques the world would be a calmer, better and more focused on achieving the peace we all desire. When I talk to my friends especially those older and wiser than I, they express their hopes for precisely the same things I do. They all want their children and grandchildren to live in a safe and peaceful world. They all want a healthy environment. They want that their is less violence and that people simply learn to see their sameness and oneness. Perhaps like the song says, “I am a dreamer;” but envisioning a better world is what I hang onto right now. I believe we all want the same things. Therefore, peace can be achievable.


I found this quote that made me think deeply about love and our humanity.

“Take my hand and lead me to salvation.

Take my love, for love is everything, and remember

the truth once was spoken: To love another person is

see the face of God.”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



Melba Christie (C) 2021

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day we decided to remember what love is all about. As we continue to suffer from a deadly virus, and deal with so much confusion, hatred, bigotry, and in some cases helplessness, we must remember that Love is always an option. It lives inside of you. It was born with you. It is the need we all have in common and connects us. It is what we all need to give in any way we can. Love is the most powerful human emotion and the longest lasting.

Rumi said, “That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full bloom beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.” We are so connected. He also said, This is love: To fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. first to let go of life,. Finally, to take a step without feet.” I am posting this song in the hopes that you will be lifted up. God bless you all. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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