Getting the Most from Yourself

If you know yourself well then you need not read any further You probably know how to get the most from yourself. No one should be allowed to get more than you do Getting the most from yourself requires for you to have frequent conversations with yourself Really learn about what you want make sure your inner compass is fine tuned so that you are going … Continue reading Getting the Most from Yourself

Quotes that could have been poems

Photo by Melba Christie   (c) 2012   Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross   “I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.” – Duke Ellington   “If you are yourself at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world. Then share … Continue reading Quotes that could have been poems


  What siege of our minds is this? Fear infused with every megabyte of information transmitted over every device imaginable because we need to be connected to the surreal of our lives   Barriers block our logic Our emotions cordoned off from our hearts with yellow ribbons directing us to “Do Not Cross” might as well be bloody red confirming our reality “We Cannot Live … Continue reading Siege


Marathon By definition marathon was “A village and plain of ancient Greece northeast of Athens. It was the site of a major Athenian victory over the Persians in 490 b.c.”   It is also means the test of endurance and great strength. The latter meaning can be applied  to the tragedy in Boston.   The crowd was deep on the city’s streets with Blue skies above … Continue reading Marathon

National Poetry Month: Web 2.0 Poetry ~ Mixbook

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One tool that I loved using with my students was Mixbook. While there are many uses of mixbook, one of my favorite was creating Poetry Books. What I loved about this tool was that students could completely personalize their books. They have the ability to add text, pictures, backgrounds, and “stickers”. I gave my students several options for adding illustrations to… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Web 2.0 Poetry ~ Mixbook

National Poetry Month: Web 2.0 Poetry~ Voki

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Another Web 2.0 tool that can be used to share poetry is Voki. Voki allows students to create an avatar, chose a background, and record their voice(or use a computer generated voice). This is a great compromise when you are not able to post videos of your students to the internet. Here are some ideas to try for Poetry Month:  Have student… Continue reading National Poetry Month: Web 2.0 Poetry~ Voki


    Oneness when I think of oneness my mind conjures up all sorts of images and words to describe  it like: only one, not two, only you, unique, individual, just me, just you, one spirit, the universe, the whole, but also a  part of the whole, all of us somehow connected.   Original, one being, or even not being, only one life, only one … Continue reading Oneness