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Haiku 53


perfect Pink

Deal with fear right now

the mantra may be one word

Just choose Happiness

-Melba Christie (c) 2013



A small puddle of melted snow

reflects the passerby

who tries to avoid it

carefully stepping to one side.


Then a child skips across

freely without a worry in the world.

The hem of his pants drenched

and his mother asks,

“Did you step in that puddle?’

Yes, the child responds shyly.


When he goes back outside

this time looks down inside  the puddle.

He sees his reflection and smiles back.



Let Your Stream Flow

Photo By Melba Christie

The old saying, Just go with the flow.”

is truer than you’ll ever know.

When your energy is directed

distinctly and with a purpose perfected

a cosmic river flows from within

swirling, sparkling, and vivacious

to where nobody knows.

The mind stitches the intricate designs

that form the habits of the mind

to love and harmonize

and make all dreams

come true

And then your soul

sends out a signal

to let your stream flow freely

creatively and orderly

connecting to the universe

like a giant magnet

attracting only

what is positive

Let your stream flow

and expect only the best

Let your stream flow

Just put it to the test

Melba Christie

All Rights Reserved