Nature Wins

One of our trees became branch-less after hurricane Sandy. the tree survived and this year a small branch gave birth to leaves. It seemed to me the tree was very proud. The leaves are now slowly turning. Once again the tree seems so proud. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Branch-less tree lives                                                                                                                               Leaves appear defiantly                                                                                                                                     Nature wins! Continue reading Nature Wins

Frida K

Frida Kahlo by Melba Christie   She “combated sadness ferociously” with her paint brush her most faithful companion life reveals itself in portraits, mirrors reflect the surreal and reality confronts her in the raw but does not share the pain and anguish deep inside she tries to draw   She is the courageous onlooker But is not as courageous as she thinks as far as she … Continue reading Frida K