What the World Needs Now

*Please go the You tube link and leave a wishful thought in the comments section Walk mindfully today Keeping your distance, yes But only physically We need each other more these days The pain is overwhelming for many it is the greatest reverse of fortune even for the mighty and brave Tomorrow’s journey is uncertain So live today fully Love passionately Give genorously Let gratitude … Continue reading What the World Needs Now

Inspired by Stanley Kunitz

  Every spring I try to plant a beautiful garden like the ones I have seen in magazines. No sooner I plant Begonias, Calandula, Petunias and Pansies, our resident cottontail rabbit and  occasional visiting deer snap up the fresh or new blooms. The rabbit loves the clover that grows wild and free in our backyard. Clover is a weed but I cannot bring myself to … Continue reading Inspired by Stanley Kunitz

“Let’s Do It”

  Reinventing yourself? Are you the curious observer? Are you the deep thinker? Release those thoughts! Instead be still and take in the view Breathe deeply Cultivate Calm transcend the ordinary Love self. Love others selflessly Love, Love, Love all of nature knows the rules all of nature knows how to do it “let’s do it” Let’s love each other Like Cole Porter wrote, “Even … Continue reading “Let’s Do It”