Spreading the Cheer

  Little tree thought of the gift given by him, then the big tree said with the happiest grin, “We’re not just trees, but a reminder of that day, there’s a much bigger part, of a role that we play!” Source: The Littlest Christmas Tree, Christmas Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-littlest-christmas-tree#ixzz2nT0xOL1j Family Friend Poems   Related articles What’s Beneath Your Christmas Tree? #poetry #dark (moondustwriter.com) Oh, Christmas tree! … Continue reading Spreading the Cheer

Another Award to Cherish

I was bestowed this award for simply following the stories of a mother who stood by her adult daughter with great courage and passion for life. Unfortunately the daughter lost her battle with the illness that debilitated her. Tersia Burger’s courage is not one to be measured but a measure to aspire. I applaud her unconditional love for her beautiful daughter. It must have been … Continue reading Another Award to Cherish

Nothing Like An Old Love Song

“In life there are loves that cannot be forgotten.” This is the first line of an old love song (almost considered a solemn hymn for lovers) by a very popular Puerto Rican singer and bandleader named Tito Rodriguez. The lyrics are in Spanish but even if you did not know what he was saying you felt the emotion coming through. My parents danced to this song in … Continue reading Nothing Like An Old Love Song


  I love this word. It implies an instant in time that may never repeat itself. Measurable only to the extent that it is memorable or special. Moments become timeless. Then there is the Aha! moment. I have had a few of those    change my life. Someone once said that there is no happiness only moments of happiness. Precious moments could be classified as … Continue reading moments