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Haiku 130

A bee knows when

it needs to buzz and sting

 let’s waggle dance!



Poetry Prompt:

Write a poem about bees and why they are important to the environment.



a fluffy feather flying with no real destination

a field of lavender touched by a summer breeze

a tree swaying to a blues song by B.B. King

a bowl of bright red jello topped with whipped cream

a lonely gold-fish making air bubbles in a crystal clear tank

a tender hug from my grandson

a handful of sand slowly escaping through your fingers

a snowy afternoon by the bay window

a beautiful peaceful  landscape depicted in a painting

a bunch of leaves of grass waving goodbye

a baby’s soft coo as she gently kicks the air

when I need relaxation I picture these things

you will be amazed at the peaceful feeling they bring




photo by Melba Christie