A poem using movie titles of the 70’s

We could not believe Woodstock was on the big screen as it turns out, so was The Go-Between Some of us were Lovers and Others Strangers   The Wild Child never knew about the dangers of having no Bed and Board There was little we could afford   Three Sisters                                                                                                                            made love to all                                                                                                                                          The Boys in the Band   A First Love was hard … Continue reading A poem using movie titles of the 70’s


This poem is dedicated to my sister Daisy. Today would have been her 82nd Birthday.  I am reminded of you everyday in so many different ways especially at dawn as the sun slowly sneaks up on us to help us watch daisies dance with buttercups she was the sunshine of the night and made our lives feel just right. She was my confidant and the … Continue reading Daisy


This is dedicated to my infant grandson. I see them mostly in photographs and short video clips his parents sent me. And sometimes it seems he is in deep thought.   It’s hard to tell what you are thinking about all day you are snug in your bed or being swayed in your mother’s arms or being fed,   What is it that you think … Continue reading Thinking

Getting the Most from Yourself

If you know yourself well then you need not read any further You probably know how to get the most from yourself. No one should be allowed to get more than you do Getting the most from yourself requires for you to have frequent conversations with yourself Really learn about what you want make sure your inner compass is fine tuned so that you are going … Continue reading Getting the Most from Yourself