A Little Bird Told Me

*I often go back and read my poems and revise them to reflect my current sentiments about a topic. The little bird represents so many things. It is in a way a deity of sorts, a messenger fro the universe to help us make sense of  tragedy and violence. Perhaps I am also a dreamer. But I like to think that there is hope for … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me


    Sometimes a feeling invades the senses all at once overwhelming the heart and soul sometimes intuition tickles you first to get your attention   sometimes it injects you with energy so powerful you cannot sleep   sometimes it tiptoes into your dreams and allows you to slumber   but the feeling lingers for days and you just can’t remember why or what it … Continue reading Intuition


A small puddle of melted snow reflects the passerby who tries to avoid it carefully stepping to one side.   Then a child skips across freely without a worry in the world. The hem of his pants drenched and his mother asks, “Did you step in that puddle?’ Yes, the child responds shyly.   When he goes back outside this time looks down inside  the … Continue reading Reflection