Democracy Lives

Democracy lives! It is alive and well on a small but significant island of green luscious mountains where the Coqui announces when the moon shines brightly and love is in bloom, Democracy lives! It took a few deep breaths and many anguished sighs; It became desperate at times; It was angered and disappointed; it slowly began to loose faith in itself.   But the people … Continue reading Democracy Lives

Questions about the writing on the walls

Writing on walls always warrant some questions. Why deface walls at all? Have you no canvas as tall? For whom exactly is your message intended? Ask me why I feel offended? Graffiti? Really? Did this place not inspire ease? Who do you think will be pleased? I for one am sad that nothing is left to the imagination. Were you looking for inspiration? This was … Continue reading Questions about the writing on the walls

Nothing Like An Old Love Song

“In life there are loves that cannot be forgotten.” This is the first line of an old love song (almost considered a solemn hymn for lovers) by a very popular Puerto Rican singer and bandleader named Tito Rodriguez. The lyrics are in Spanish but even if you did not know what he was saying you felt the emotion coming through. My parents danced to this song in … Continue reading Nothing Like An Old Love Song