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The ultimate count down – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- November 3rd!

We have come a long way folks. We are still fighting this deadly virus and World Pandemic. 230,000 people are DEAD! They were our fellow Americans. I do not care if they were American born, foreign born, rich, poor, White, Black, Yellow or if they were Democrats, Republicans or Independents. I don’t even care if they were Atheists, or Agnostics. They were human beings. They could not breathe a peaceful last breath because the virus would not let them breathe on their own. They did not have the strength to even say goodbye to a loved one. In many cases it was the beeping of the ventilator machine that announced their lonely transition. I am painting a grim and dark picture here because some people just need to wake up to the reality that if we do not cooperate and help each other stay safe, there is a possibility (hope not) that one hundred more human beings will die as many more are infected!

The ones who survive will more than likely not have long lasting side effects but many will continue to suffer. Reports from real people say they will have lung, heart and other vital organs affected for possibly the rest of their lives. This is like having another type of cancerous cell in your body. Post-COVID patients will be at risk of being labeled as having pre-existing illnesses that may not be covered by health insurance. They may have trouble getting insured or may see higher premiums and copays to deal with. 

The countdown must be shouted at the top of our lungs. We must do what is right for all the people. We must continue to listen to the experts and scientists. You know – the ones with the higher educational degrees that certify that they actually have the knowledge and experience to tell us the truth and to develop the right protocols, medicines, vaccines and effective measures to combat the virus. It has not gone away. 

My family is facing a difficult moment right now. And although it is not COVID related, I cannot bear the thought that anyone in my extended family might have to suffer from COVID because they have an underlying disease.

I will not rest peacefully until we conquer this viral disease. I will not rest peacefully until we rid ourselves of the deceitful, misleading, and dangerous misinformation that flows from the House of the People. Our democracy, freedom of speech, and civil rights are at stake right now. We need to revert back to the respectful discourse, honesty, and to the values we have cherished since the birth of our free nation. Many brave men and women died to preserve our Constitutions and the laws that protect us. 

Some of you may not agree with my stance but this is the beauty of a democracy. We can disagree. But we must also accept the truth. The Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Liberties must not be trampled or tarnished. Empires and very powerful countries fall when the people get too complacent and allow corrupt leaders to dictate bigotry and hate. This is not the American way. I learned this from my sixth grade teacher. We must work together for the good of all. I beg you. We must work together.

I listened to this song this morning as I witnessed the audacity and determination of a long line of voters waiting to cast their vote early. They started dancing in place to make their long wait a little more bearable. So to end on a high note I want to share this classic. I will be doing the same in my living room when the results come in and tell us we have won our nation back. Stay safe, and God bless America!

We will win and celebrate!

100 Days

As an educator, 100 days was a milestone measure. I would revise my check list of the objectives I had proposed at the beginning of the school year. It was a sobering endeavor sometimes because I would have to face the truth and realize that I had to make some changes. A few times the changes would be major. However, either way, my entire self-evaluation was a learning experience.

One year, I actually created a resource guide for the student teachers I was mentoring to help them assess how and when objectives were attained. I explained in the diplomatic way I could that assessing whether or not teaching was something they should do was pivotal to the success. I truly believe that some people decide on a career for the entirely wrong reasons. This might sound a bit cruel but teaching to me was a labor of love and total commitment.

So why am I thinking about a 100 day assessment even now that I am not teaching? A teacher is always an educator even beyond retirement. I made a commitment yesterday July 26, 2020 that the next 100 days would have to be meaningful and purposeful. My motivation is primarily my grandchildren who will inherit the earth we leave them. They may have to face some hard times if our beloved democracy fails because their elders did not speak up or gave into feeling helpless and hopeless. Each of us has a purpose to fulfill in life. I suppose this will be one of mine. I refuse to leave my grandchildren in a chaotic world if I can help it. Therefore, as a mother, grandmother, educator and simply an ordinary human being, I promise to do something and say something when I see or hear something that is not right. I do not want to scream at, or complain to or even try to coerce anyone into doing as I say. I do want action. I want people to assess the situation they are in now. The now is now, not 100 days from now. But, here’s the thing it will be up to us, the people, to effect change. We can all be agents of change.

I recently viewed an on-line interview conducted by Maria Menounes from Better Together with NYT Bestselling psychic medium, John Edward, It opened my eyes and ears to some deep thoughts. I have been thinking about some of these things for a while. To be exact I been thinking about do something since the Corona Virus took over our lives. But it took a closer look to give me the courage I needed.

One hundred days can seem like an eternity to some. It can mean some people loose their homes and even their lives. It could mean that we find ourselves engulfed in even more uncertainty. Now ninety-nine days from today, we will know what our destiny will be in terms of the politics of this beautiful country. It is up to us folks. Only our collective positive energy can effect the changes we want and need.

Please post your comments. I want to hear about what is going on in your life. Let us begin to truly talk to each other. A like or an emoji really do not express what we feel, real words do. Thanks for your continued support. Join me on the count down to the survival of our democracy and the return of a healthy mindset for the future.