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Easter, Passover, and Ramadan

All in April this year. Yes.

Festivities cancelled, Yes.

Family reunions. No.

Time for reflection and introspection.

Yes. Very true.

For me and for you too.

There is no difference here

We all are facing the same fears.

We all want this to end.

So we can hug an elderly parent or a friend.

The three faiths

tied together in some ways

Renewal, Rebirth, Redemption,

Sacred sacrafice

A deep look into our souls.

Week long-time traditions

of Prayers, taraweeh, worship

Fasting, forbidden to eat certain foods

But later feasting in family.

Reading the books of wisdom

Bible. Torah, Quran,

Relearning what

Disciples and prophets have said.

We all have Faith in common,

Faith in God, in ourselves, in someone we love.

Nothing is simple.

We cannot give up.

We cannot loose hope.

We will overcome.

The pain will ease -up.

The earth will continue to turn.

The sun will continue to shine.

It is really up to us.


Even when we are socially distant from each other,

There are so many lessons to be learned by all of us.

One sweet lesson gained once again;

We all need LOVE.

Image by Afshad Subair from Pixabay

Happy Holidays to all. Be Well. Be Safe.

Let us take care of each other.



We all know its meaning

We have all felt its intensity

Like a burn on our skin

when we open the oven and forget to wear a mit.

We all know its coldness as well.

Like freezing rain smacking your cheeks in the winter.

And yet we yearn to feel something, anything

that reminds us we are human.

We all need its loving.

It fills our hearts;

it guides our actions.

Some people tell us not to be emotional.

I say be the emotion.

Feel for those who are hurting right now.

Allow emotions to flow.

Love your neighbor.

Help people in need.

Tell someone how you feel about them.

Love life. Love yourself.

Our positive emotions will collide soon hopefully

and so strongly, explosively

that the virus will run home scared.

Peace and Love.

Health and strength.

Image by TanteTati from Pixabay

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