“Then love knew it was called love. And when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way” -Pablo Neruda I am convinced that looking into a person’s eyes can lead you to interpretation of someone’s sadness, joy, confusion, depression, and even sanity. Lately, I have trying to capture the essence emotions when I photograph someone. My beautiful baby granddaughter … Continue reading Eyes


Photographs tell lies sometimes; smiles were forged by a simple command ” Say cheese!” That moment, that instant will freeze emotions of all kinds for eternity to witness and judge.           Related articles The Photographer’s Voice (philippejacquotphotography.com) Surreal Reality-Bending Photographs – These Surreal Photographs Put an Imaginative Twist on Emotions (TrendHunter.com) (trendhunter.com) Classic Art: Boulevard Photographic – Autofocus (motortrend.com) Photography (bestnewjerseyweddingphotographer.wordpress.com) … Continue reading Photographs

Blue Moon

Blue moon embedded in the sky full of glory surrounded by azure and pink fluffy clouds One cannot help but to stare And somewhere Someone prays; a child watches in awe hoping it is made of cheese. a mother cradles her baby. and lovers fall in love all over again. What is a blue moon? Related articles Is a Blue Moon Really Blue? (showmeoz.wordpress.com) What … Continue reading Blue Moon