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A candle in the windI hate failure and we have failed as a nation to discuss gun violence. Ninety two people die daily from gun violence on the streets of our cities. I hate that we cannot find a viable solution. I hate that we have failed at standing together to protect innocent people like the five month old who was shot to death caught in gang violence and cross fire. I am sickened and heartbroken by this constant violence. I send prayers to all the victim’s and their families.

Again hate strutted in uninvited

Seven guns in hand

no one can understand

the motives behind it all

Mass murder is all too common now

no matter what the reason

Soon the news reports grows old,

Lives are shattered and torn apart

too many stories to be told

candle lit vigils, flags at half mast

cast shadows on the sacred ground

waiting for a miracle to at last be found

fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers

husbands, wives and children grieve

the love ones taken from them.

No one wants to believe

the reality and the truth.

The causes and the motives

unknown even to the most brilliant sleuth.

All of us know what needs to be done,

None of us need special permission.

to act with passion to make peace and love our greatest mission.

Happy Holidays Medley

These past few days have been difficult for many people who are coping with loss and tragedy. I can only hope that we are able to find solace and joy. Let us all be supportive and help to bring someone a little joy. I saw so many signs of encourage and hope. Let your hearts connect to someone in need. Hug a teacher. Mentor a child. Figure out 26 ways to say I love to someone. I invite you to send this Prezi to others and add something to it or make up your own. My sincere best wishes to all.

Happy Holidays Medley Prezi