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Once Again

Once again

a sweet memory visits me

I could feel her hug me tight

and I feel free

to let go of my fears.





Train Your Memory


Look for beauty
in the deep shadows
Discover the hues in each blade of grass
Touch the petals of a rose
and let it feel you
Produce starlight in your mind
let it shine in your heart
rely on the surprises nature brings too your eyes only
during that single instance that will never be again
a privilege designed only for your memories
Train your memory to love the moment

May Day Memory of A Friend

Beautiful K

Memories galore

of the things I adore

rush into my mind

to remind


to remind 


about the things 

that really matter in life

like friendship for example

I see my best friend 

holding on tightly

to her bright pink ribbon 

giggling uncontrollably 

when she notices

I am tangled up in a ribbon 

of  sky blue

I point to her 

and chuckle too

because what she does not 

realize is that she also is 

wrapped inside a cocoon 

We were only eight and a half

free to laugh, 

happy to take turns being so silly.

It was a May day to be exact

when we promised 

to be friends forever

and to never, ever

forget the happy times we shared.

My friend has suffered much 

more than anyone can bear

when we talk 

I make sure she knows that I will always care

but her heart is broken

beyond repair.

So now I hold on to her ribbon

hoping she finds solace somehow and somewhere

and learns to laugh again

I see her in my mind

untangled at the Maypole 

where we once 

danced round and round

as she giggled so care free

I’ve become her memory 

she counts on me

to bring her back 

to that beautiful May day

when she had not one worry in the world

she smiles and grabs my hand real tight

and looks into my eyes

to tell she is alright

and won’t give up the fight. 

Melba Christie


Looking for A Place to Hide My Dreams

I need to find a  special place

to hide my dreams away.

my memory has left me now

although I begged it to stay

nothing else remains that dear and

time has been so frivolous,

it can’t make up its mind

whether or not,

to stick around

and let me be the one to decide

as to whether

I want to stay

and remember

the moments

that mattered most

to us

like those dreams

I try to keep in a safe place

that never did come true

and are so hard for me to face.







Reasons for Writing a Poem

10 Reasons for Writing a Poem

1. To tell someone how much you care

2. To describe something beautiful

3. To keep a memory alive

4. To instill courage

5. To help someone forget something dreadful

6. To tell it like it is

7. To help yourself figure it all out

8. To inspire

9. To keep your sanity

10. Just because…. 

 by Melba Christie

Photo by Melba Christie