The Bugle Call

The Bugle Call


It is a melancholy,

yet a comforting sound,

a sobering Call

that announces the fall

of a gentle warrior:

a brave soul,

perhaps too young,

to know how finite,

the summons will be.


I hear that song again

repeating an inquisitive lyric

“War, what is good for?”

My response is always the same.

“Who knows?”


I wonder about him

all the time

that Unknown soldier

and the one I knew well too

who chose to be remembered

the next to last day in May,

waiting to be lifted




his last wish comes true.

In Memory of my nephew Ivan.





Memories of Memorial Day


A visit to the cemetery

where he was finally laid to rest

where all the buried are equal now

white stones aligned perfectly

in rows of infinite glory

small flags placed at each grave

wave as we walk in

The large flag ushers in the visitors

fresh flowers placed around the pole

Small town parades

celebrate their own

in remembrance

the President places

a wreath at the tomb

of the unknown soldier

known to us all

Taps played

My mother cries.

Then the family gathers

to relish the steaks on the charcoal grill

along with the side dishes

of potato salad, or macaroni and cheese.

Our  uncle shares a story about the

day he entered the armed forces

and then he retreats to sip on a beer.

Even Memorial Day is not the same anymore

no memories left to tell about

A big sale at Sears is the topic of the day

A silent prayer survives it all.

Taps are played again on the late night news

I think about you

and whisper to myself,

He would have been a grandpa by now

I tell you how much I’ve missed you

and put your picture back in the

album mom made for you

the cover says it all:

We are all proud of you.

May 30, 1977


Poem and calligraph
Poem and calligraph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking. The whole world belongs to you.  

–  Lao Tse

W e often forget to think about how bountiful life is. All we need to do is to try and count the leaves on an oak tree or the raindrops rolling down your window on a rainy day. We have so much and do not see it. There is so much to be content about even when it seems that life has not been equitable or fair. I have learned to visualize the possibilities. I pay attention to what is right there in front of me. Today I watched the multiple buds that will soon bloom into tiger lilies. I immediately felt the whole world belonged to me.

What have you observed that makes you feel this way?

Photo by Melba Christie 2012