Loving Words

Words are so important. They can rise you up or bring you down to the lowest point ever. They have always captivated me. I cannot let one word go by unnoticed just because I do not know its meaning. I especially like the ones with soft, sweet sounds. The words that melt your heart. This is why i am proposing a challenge starting today until … Continue reading Loving Words


“Lack of understanding; uncertainty,” is the dictionary definition. I can only express my rendition with a mosaic of curved lines which I myself cannot understand. Cause I envision Peace. But really all there is, is division. Cause I dream of a new idealism, full of optimism, perhaps a neologism like neo-spirtualism, everyone understanding that prolonged confusion cannot continue cannot continue.           … Continue reading Confusion

“Let’s Do It”

  Reinventing yourself? Are you the curious observer? Are you the deep thinker? Release those thoughts! Instead be still and take in the view Breathe deeply Cultivate Calm transcend the ordinary Love self. Love others selflessly Love, Love, Love all of nature knows the rules all of nature knows how to do it “let’s do it” Let’s love each other Like Cole Porter wrote, “Even … Continue reading “Let’s Do It”

National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! “Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” –                                          – Leonard Cohen A few suggestions for things you can do to honor the poets of the world.   * Read a poem to someone you love. * Go to Poet.org and learn about A Poem in your Pocket * Memorize … Continue reading National Poetry Month