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The Old Address Book

The old leather bound address book

sits faithfully and patiently

on the desk he would sit at for hours.


He does not open it anymore;

the names inside,

phantoms of the past,

long distance area codes,

of the places he loved to visit with old friends.

attached are notes with extra large paper clips

remind him to call for one reason or another

but he cannot remember if he did .


Mother turns the pages

as she softly sings the alphabet song.

She stops at the letter “J”

hoping the name “Jo” jogs his memory.


She then turns to the letter “M”

and then like magic

he calls out “mama”

and asks for the phone

because he forgot to call her today

tears quickly rush down his face

he remembered

she is gone.





Looking for A Place to Hide My Dreams

I need to find a  special place

to hide my dreams away.

my memory has left me now

although I begged it to stay

nothing else remains that dear and

time has been so frivolous,

it can’t make up its mind

whether or not,

to stick around

and let me be the one to decide

as to whether

I want to stay

and remember

the moments

that mattered most

to us

like those dreams

I try to keep in a safe place

that never did come true

and are so hard for me to face.