Poetry Challenge – Write a Holiday Tanka Poem

I have participated in several challenges offered by WordPress bloggers. This week I decided to present a challenge. The challenge is to write a tanka Poem. What is a tanka? According to Poets.org: “The Japanese tanka is a thirty-one-syllable poem, traditionally written in a single unbroken line. A form of waka, Japanese song or verse, tanka translates as “short song,” and is better known in … Continue reading Poetry Challenge – Write a Holiday Tanka Poem

There is a Paradise of Words

There is a paradise of words brilliant, exceptional, enchanted Some still unimaginable Full of pleasures beyond feeling to be owned by only a few of us who understand their delight and the sensation words bring to the soul words meant just for you or me perhaps intentionally on purpose I love all words I love when they decide to dwell inside my heart and mind … Continue reading There is a Paradise of Words

A poem using movie titles of the 70’s

We could not believe Woodstock was on the big screen as it turns out, so was The Go-Between Some of us were Lovers and Others Strangers   The Wild Child never knew about the dangers of having no Bed and Board There was little we could afford   Three Sisters                                                                                                                            made love to all                                                                                                                                          The Boys in the Band   A First Love was hard … Continue reading A poem using movie titles of the 70’s

Poets are Everywhere

                          Poetry is life and a poet can be found anywhere. It is so delightful when poets are appreciated and celebrated.  Poets interpret life for us on every level. In my earlier post I highlighted Michael Hoppe and his musical repertoire inspired by some of the best poets. I look for this inspiration everywhere I go.   Related articles   Poetry and Talent – … Continue reading Poets are Everywhere

A poem inspired by inspirational titles of poems that inspired my life

I have continued to ponder about what inspires me and what inspires my writing. Sometimes what inspires me is a simple line in a poem or narrative. Sometimes it’s the title of a poem. Some poems stay with us forever. You may have read them just at the most proper moment in your life. Maybe a teacher read it in a way you would never … Continue reading A poem inspired by inspirational titles of poems that inspired my life


Remembered   How do you want to be remembered?  asked the poet There were three poets, one doctor and two teachers present to respond to the poet’s question. Finally after a long silence and obvious pondering the doctor says, “I want to be remembered  as someone who took my oath seriously. One poet said, ” I want to be remembered as a poet who wanted … Continue reading Remembered