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Wow! Democracy does work!

We witnessed democracy work on our televisions. What a relief. I hope we are ready to heal now.

I wrote this poem in commemoration of today’s historical process.

Lady Liberty smiled again today.

She knows we will survive the craze.

The Empire State Building stood even taller somehow.

Many of us in awe of our democracy sighed in relief

The country can now begin to restore its traditional belief

that after an election, we stand strong and together with whomever wins.

America matters, we all want it to thrive.

We must work together for our constitution to survive.

Today’s rain may represent the tears of joy

we so needed to shed.

Enough is enough of the fear and the dread.

It is time to be grateful for Science and the Grace of God instead.

We witnessed many receive the first vaccines to abolish COVID 19

Today hope was revived

Our country’s soul has been redeemed.

Sadly, the count of the dead has reached a milestone.

So it is up to us that their deaths will not be in vain.

Let us ring the bells of freedom and brotherly love.

And May God bless America now and forever

from the heavens above.

96 days – Some Truths

The truth is that truth must prevail.

Call out the lies when they first appear,

We cannot continue to live in fear:

Learn to discern the real from the fake.

Do some people really think that we are dumb for goodness sake?

Make good trouble as John Lewis famouly decreed.

Do not allow us to loose our deeds

to the republic and the freedoms so many have fought to conserve.

I will no longer be afraid. Knowing I have the power of the vote has cranked up my nerve;

Is not peace and tranquility what we deserve?

We owe it to our children, and to their children too.

Ninety-six days left to make up our minds and collect was is due.

Have you thought about what you will do, in the meantime?

I could think of a few things,

off the top of my head.

First, we have to abide by the rules to get rid of the deadly virus we call COVID.

We all need to be healthy and

keep our eyes on the prize.

A healed nation, united as one,

is the only way to get the job done.

God bless America!



manifest the destiny of our land

exhilarate the spirit of democracy

celebrate our human rights

motivate to raise the bar

Allow the fireworks: 

to stay in your heart,

to remind us we can always do better,

as individuals, as a nation 

“under God indivisible 

with liberty and justice for all.

Photos and Poem by Melba Christie

all rights reserved

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