“Become a vessel for inspirational flow.” Focus on a world that will be peaceful and less violent everyday. The peace begins in your heart first. It was placed there by God. When others see, feel, and understand that peace lives inside of each of us, then they too will feel the flow.                                                           – Melba Christie Continue reading Focus

“Occasionally I am reminded that perhaps I should write a poem.”

  “Occasionally I am reminded that perhaps I should write a poem.” This statement prefaced a poem written by my daughter in an email she sent the other day. She has been writing poems since she was quite young.  I want to share it with you.     Words with others like it to clear the mind and feed the rest. Words hidden under a … Continue reading “Occasionally I am reminded that perhaps I should write a poem.”


    Sometimes a feeling invades the senses all at once overwhelming the heart and soul sometimes intuition tickles you first to get your attention   sometimes it injects you with energy so powerful you cannot sleep   sometimes it tiptoes into your dreams and allows you to slumber   but the feeling lingers for days and you just can’t remember why or what it … Continue reading Intuition

Painting Sadness

An artist looked deep inside my broken heart and tried to paint its sadness but he knows I rather hide my melancholy behind fields of lavender so instead my portrait is a lonely landscape filled with dreams I have forgotten to chase after The artist looks at his painting and sighs with satisfaction. Ironically, it makes so many others feel at peace.       … Continue reading Painting Sadness