“Begin to notice what you have in your life that you are grateful for and when you look at life through the lens of gratitude, you don’t see as many obstacles or hindrances. You see potential, you see possibilities. Then you become an open vehicle for more inspiration, more wisdom, more guidance, coming from the spiritual part of your being.” – Michael B. Beckwith From: … Continue reading Quote

A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month

  A Found Poem   Flightless wings know very well Authenticity lives in death The song of May reminds us that Mother’s Day is near and a Mother’s fear grows more today Because The Promised Land no longer sows Bluebells in the sunshine Beside the old Trail of Hope Where I used to collect my dreams one by one But despite the awful things That … Continue reading A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month

“Let’s Do It”

  Reinventing yourself? Are you the curious observer? Are you the deep thinker? Release those thoughts! Instead be still and take in the view Breathe deeply Cultivate Calm transcend the ordinary Love self. Love others selflessly Love, Love, Love all of nature knows the rules all of nature knows how to do it “let’s do it” Let’s love each other Like Cole Porter wrote, “Even … Continue reading “Let’s Do It”


We need more compassion! Feeling for another is not difficult; if you know what it feels like when someone has co-sufffered with you.   We need more compassion! Squeeze it out from you heart and soul; don’t worry, you won’t run out. More will be stored for you. The process is innate; fundamental, essential, in order to live life fulfilled with purpose.   We all … Continue reading Compassion