Soft Commotion and Jubilation

Soft commotion and jubilation comes at a cost; we must free ourselves of negative thoughts; even the ones we produce on our own, certainly those grim ideas pronounced on loud speakers by others. It seems these days, the loud speakers are louder than ever. We know their truth and legitimacy. there is no doubt. FEAR suppresses the soul; But I need a thousand colorful and … Continue reading Soft Commotion and Jubilation

Nature Wins

One of our trees became branch-less after hurricane Sandy. the tree survived and this year a small branch gave birth to leaves. It seemed to me the tree was very proud. The leaves are now slowly turning. Once again the tree seems so proud. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Branch-less tree lives                                                                                                                               Leaves appear defiantly                                                                                                                                     Nature wins! Continue reading Nature Wins

My Whimsical Park

NEW Listen to a recording of Whimsical Park by Melba Christie. Please Leave comments.   My whimsical park is the wonderland where my inner child dreams of tomorrow even when tomorrow is already today. Yesterday’s dream goes back into the fertile mind of a new dreamer ready to imagine the peaceful world I have longed for all my life. My whimsical park, playground for lovers … Continue reading My Whimsical Park

An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn

In this poem I have used some nonsense words I made up.   The rain breeped through the lofty trees on this clograyly fall day The hardy mums left from the summer were however happy that they had stayed.   Golinlimpling down the steep hill sprinted a beautiful unicorn eager to meet the lovers just married in the storm.   The unicorn’s voice so sweet … Continue reading An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn


Hidden in her tiny mind a masterpiece is waiting A crowd yells, “encore!”     Related articles Good news for our G/T programs ( Raising Gifting Children Has Positives And Negatives ( Giftedness, Creativity, and Storytelling – and Imposter Syndrome ( The International Week of the Gifted 2012 (   Continue reading Masterpiece