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Ideas Not!

“Don’t think!

Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It is self-conscious

and anything self-conscious is lousy

you can’t try to do things; you simply must do them.”

– Ray Bradbury


Imagine no ideas

Distinguished thinking not allowed

divergent thoughts detoured

Euridites not accepted

Audacity destroyed

sublime connections disconnected


imagine no ideas

discussions void of mindfulness

Einstein who?

The Theory of Everything,

What on earth does that mean?

words ambushed by stupidity,

Epitaphs blank, bleached


Imagine no ideas

no logical steps

no reasoning,

naked moments,

empty poems,


real fake news.

I cannot imagine.


Oh my, I must have dozed off.

I just thought of this great idea!



Why I Write II

I think about this all the time but sometimes I need to write it down.


Why I Write …

I write because

What I write connects me

to my feelings

Words I would never utter

or dare to say out loud


and they look at me straight in the face

I write because it helps me to relax

and play with the new words on the block

I write because I see the possibilities

I could not see before

I write because I think I might help someone else

feel better about themselves

I write because

a small voice tells me

I was meant to be a poet

and I begin to believe

it might be true.



Why do you write? I would love to read your comments.


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