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Someone Knows Who I Am

Someone knows who I am!

And would you have guessed

She’s a poet.

She described me

with hyperbole

and used metaphors

to describe my soul as I show it.

She counted all the tears I’ve shed;

listed my fears with alliteration.

One can only help but feel

some sort of fascination.


Someone knows who I am;

Someone knows I am,

who I am;

Me, myself and I

now do see

the me

or I

I want to be.




Found Poem 4


Found Poem 4


I’m rooted here not there.

Where, you ask?

Isn’t it obvious?

But knowing me I might not even see the opportunity to know the truth.


Let me try again,

I’m rooted here not there.

The grass dampens my feet and I feel free.

Solid ground holds me.


The firm turf reminds me

To look up to the sky and

Ask the stars to make my dreams come true.

Dreams are not far.

But we do need to reach out

They are rooted here.

I miss my home’s fragrant grasses.

I’m rooted here not there.

I am not there

But I wonder,

If I should just stay there alone, forever
behind the closed gate.








The Soul Lives On

A soul lives on.

The illusion is free now

nothing stops it from asking

Listen closely

the soul might tell

the untold secret of why

or the story of Truth.

Photo and Poem by Melba Christie 

All rights reserved 

The Power of Words

Words have so much power. Remember when they told you to say this short rhyme when someone called you names. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

They were wrong. Words can hurt. They can demoralize. I could go on and on. Empower yourself with these words; they are very powerful. Recite them and feel their power.



Good and then take out one “o”




Do not let words ever hurt you. Keep in mind that you own the power.

Unique Destiny

The purpose of a unique destiny

can only be defined

by the free flight of a butterfly

It will lead you to the path

you never knew you had chosen.

Someone had a unique plan for you

and one for me too.

The blueprint is clear

This is why the hummingbird hovers

over all red flowers

This is why you allow the moon to follow you

around on a summer night

This is why poets love the truth

This is why an eagle takes fight

This is why our bodies are pollen

and generations blossom.

This is why I am what I am.


NaBo11_d60_2460a (Photo credit: jerryoldenettel)