A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month

  A Found Poem   Flightless wings know very well Authenticity lives in death The song of May reminds us that Mother’s Day is near and a Mother’s fear grows more today Because The Promised Land no longer sows Bluebells in the sunshine Beside the old Trail of Hope Where I used to collect my dreams one by one But despite the awful things That … Continue reading A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month


Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Mexico are under siege after the destruction that has devastated entire cities and towns. My heart aches.  I try to Raise the Vibe but it gets harder each time I hear the sad consequences of these numerous storms and earthquakes. Please help me Raise the Vibe for these people. I feel helpless and incompetent. They need engineers, rescue experts, … Continue reading Devastation


  Today at noon London time Big Ben bongs to announce its retirement for a while after all is said and done the historic clock will be back in style.   Today at 2:44 PM New York time where everyone no matter where you are from is in a New York State of mind will gather to commune with the sun and moon witnessing a … Continue reading 8-21-2017