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what is a poem?



A poem is defined as expressive language. It is an art form that allows for free verse. Poems are musical and rhythmic and uses sounds and imagery to convey meaning. Poems use metaphors and similes and they can create a very intimate conversation between the poet and the reader.


The following is a poem about poems.


Poems are words a poet collects


to convey messages hard to forget


or to tell a truth so there are no regrets.




Poems are stored in the heart and soul


of poets waiting for their muses to call


Poems flow like rivers through the mind


and words can be sweet and sometimes unkind




And if there is a cause


that needs to be fought


A poem can manage


and never be caught


without a deep thought


to stimulate thinking


elevate the spirit,


and comfort the soul.




A poem is created with lots of care


A poet knows


no coincidence there


the words embrace


emotions and fears


to make us so happy


we can burst into tears




What is a poem?


you tell me.


for me it’s all that I see


smell, hear, taste


and touch


and everything life offers me


that I love so much.




By Melba Christie (c) 2013







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A Poem is Born

A Poem is Born

A Haiku

A Sonnet

A Cinquain

whatever its form

whatever its meter

its birth is inevitable

and necessary;

its purpose explicit,

Born to soothe,


and stir powerful thoughts


Born to inspire

or make evident

a single desire.

A poem is born

every second

just to ground us,

acquaint us with


deep inside our souls.

Whether an epic,

idyll or a ghazal,

a rondeau, or a senryu,

whether rhymed or free verse,

Shakespearean or Petrarchan,

when a poem is Born

it is a labor of love.

Someone said that a poem is

a little god;

and one was born for me today.

  • Poetry (uniquetotheend.wordpress.com)