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My Empty Nest is Emptier Today

My empty nest is emptier today

after all of my children and grandchildren

all came home for a very brief stay

They spoiled me like a little kid

with gorgeous smiles,

spontaneous hugs

and kisses,

and comments

prefaced with

remember mom when this and that or this other

referencing the good times she had with her only brother


sometimes I wonder if their memories

are fiction or actually fact

They will never know how much

they are missed by their father and mother


I tour the house after they all leave

for fainted hints of their perfumes and colognes

and objects they have left behind

that constantly remind

me of the things they did and said

like: my son’s hearty chuckle

my daughter’s pumpkin bread

my grandson Nicholas and his

little dance to Elmo’s Alphabet Song,

and Isaiah’s curious questions about

nature and dinosaurs.

It soothes me to look at

all the pictures I have of them

all around the house.


All is so very quiet;

Not a single rouse,

My empty house is emptier

than it ever was before

But it is what it is

Can anyone ever blame me

for wanting to see them more.


I scan the empty spaces

as tears run down my face

my eyes are a little blurry

yet focus on something small

sitting on Grandma’s favorite chair

just one lonely small sock abandoned

my dear Nicholas is there.

I gently place it

by his perfect picture

hugging his favorite teddy bear

I pray the next time I see them

will be just a little quicker.


In the meantime my empty nest

is emptier than it ever was before

All I know is

as days go by

my love

for all my children grows

more and more and more.


Melba Christie (C) 2014




I See Them Mostly in Photos Lately

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I see them mostly in photos lately

I see them mostly in photos lately
I am grateful for the opportunity though
Occasionally a short video
will pop up
with a clip of a loved one saying hello.
Text messages are more likely to show
up on my cell and not an actual phone call.

I wonder what my mother would say
about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
It is really not all the glitter or hype
people make it out to be.
I wish for the days of meeting personally.

She’d probably say,
“Give me my family closer to me any day
to hug and kiss and to sit around
the dining table to pray
for every meal.”
How much I miss the days
of Sunday visits and making family time a big deal,
where nothing was virtual, only real.

Forget the messages
Limited to 140 characters (letters) in a single tweet
Not too many words for me to fully say
How much I miss them so

Do not get me wrong;
Social media tools are and will be going strong
(For a long time to come)
to keep us all connected.
I just miss the intimacy
I hate to live in the fantasy,
technology seems to promote,
everyday more and more.
It does not matter how far or remote
We may be from all our love ones,
Skype or Google Hangouts will save the day.

So it will suffice for me to say
Keep streaming the videos on YouTube,
God only knows what else will be
I suppose His Grace provided  the intelligence
For us to interface.

We have to wait and see.

By Melba Christie 2014

Getting Ready

Retirement is a scary thing for most folks. It means learning to live on a lower-income sometimes. It means that you will have the time to do the things you always wanted to do. It means spending more quality time with loved ones. It also requires a plan of action. The last thing you want to get caught up in meaningless free time. Having extra leisure time may be appealing in the beginning but after a few weeks you will find that you have too much leisure time.

Getting ready for retirement will include applying for your benefits from work or cashing in a IRA or retirement savings plan. It may mean having to make adjustments to your medical plan coverage. You want to make sure that you have taken care of all the logistics. Make sure you have also revisited your will, insurance policies or other end of life arrangements. I do not mean to be morbid but it is very important to have your affairs in order.

Retirement is an opportunity to start over. You may have an empty nest to fill with other things. This also means that your marriage may be starting over as well or picking up where you left off after the children were born. It may be a time to think about renewing vows or planning to celebrate a special anniversary.



A pair of love birds



If you are or were a creative person, it may be the moment to think about taking a language class or exotic cooking lessons. Some community and state colleges over reduced or free courses for retirees. You may want to attend a writer’s retreat or stay at a spa hotel to simply treat yourself to a relaxing weekend away from it all.

There are now so many resources for getting ready and it is important that you attend  pre-retirement seminars offered by the workplace and other organizations. is a good place to start the process. Visit the library and take out books on the topic. If you and can afford to travel extensively do your homework first. Getting ready emotionally is the most important step. Make a list of the things you will not miss about being on the job. It will out weigh the list of things that you think you will miss. Getting ready to start over is going to be just another journey but do not focus on the final destination; think about the possibilities.