Nature’s Rebellion

                                           Painting by Melba Christie   As a grandmother I seem to be more in tune with the things that will affect the future of my grandchildren. I want them to inherit a clean and healthy environment. I want them to feel what it like to run freely on the leaves of grass and through fields of lilies. I recently saw footage of the enormous … Continue reading Nature’s Rebellion

Haiku 57

Leaves fall today each unique in every way a squirrel frolics Melba Christie (c) 2013 Related articles Happy Autumnal Equinox, balance an egg! ( Autumn Equinox: 5 Odd Facts About Fall ( Autumnal Equinox 2013 arrives on Sunday (VIDEO) ( Wishing All a Blessed Autumnal Equinox ( Sleepy Sundays: Autumnal Equinox ( Happy autmunal equinox ( Continue reading Haiku 57