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The Relentless Nature of Mother Nature

We have saw the powerful tornadoes that have destroyed many homes in Moore, Oklahoma. Just yesterday other tornadoes killed 9 people. I hope that we will all reach out and help with whatever we can. My prayers are with the victims and survivors. God bless America.


We don’t know when

We don’t understand why

We cannot control the forces

no matter how hard we try

We cannot even predict exactly

when it will be that Mother Nature

will use every bit of her energy

to remind us that

she is still in charge, a very powerful

and a willful Lady


We do not know if it is part of PLAN

we cannot fathom the destruction

when we watch from afar

especially the emotional pain


but in the aftermath

people still embrace people

strangers volunteer to help

selflessness surfaces

“Love Thy Neighbor”

means something special again

we pray for each other automatically

as our hearts break in unison


We may never  know when

We  may never understand why

We may never be able to control the forces

no matter how hard we try


But we have not forgotten how to spread the LOVE

We must always come together

Hope must always reign.





Nature’s Rage



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Once again
Nature‘s rage surges oceans
and waves cart-wheel along the shores.

Nature’s indignation
Tired of our ways
shakes the terrain
while the weather vane
warns and advises
that Sandy
(a name innately innocuous)
has been upgraded to a hurricane,
potential able to plunk down tons of rain
All bets are off at Atlantic City.
Mandate decrees
Towns evacuate
Giant oak trees may tumble
No one is ever ready for such rumble

Nature is disposition is unpredictable
and we need to heed its warning
and learn how to respect
I hope the perfect storm
Is not as damaging as the proverbial
Weather seems to expect.