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#you can’t make this up

Reality checks every five minutes

TRUTH be told

we have become so bold that

we accept non real truths

I can’t make this up

even if I wanted to.

Watching carefully though

as tragedy surrounds us all

Realize it wants us to suffocate.

How much pain can we endure?



Can we afford the outcome?

#can’t make this up.

I don’t want to make stuff up.

I want to know the truth.

Please remember,

we are all one.

The universe is one only..

Our planet earth is only one.

We have only one life to live.

I have not made this up.

These are the universal truths we must face together.


Rather than love, than money, than fame, Give me truth. – Thoreau


do what you do best
until someone puts you to the test
you will find you won’t stand out from the rest

do want you please
or follow the quest
you proposed to yourself alone

go for your dream
or figure out something else
remember the windmills made it real

stand up for what’s right
or give in without a fight
look deep inside your heart
because in the end it all about
how guilty you feel

dilemmas will come and go
hard decisions stay for sure
what a dilemma to think
about yes or no

my dilemma today
should I go somewhere else to play
what are the options
not many I say!